Impromptu, secretive trip to Brisbane.

I need to escape. No return ticket yet. Might just stay up in that nice warm weather and help my friend study a course at uni that I have no idea about. I’ll compliment her on her soups, even though her “every single half dead vegetable in the fridge soup” is not great according to her. I will watch Doctor Who with her excitedly and learn how she does her make up so beautifully. 
Distractions. That is what I need. 

personal boys are meh what a waste ed recovery trying is living worth it anymore? don't know what to do with my life


Scotty is back on Wednesday. I just have to get through my work shift tonight, then relax (and not freak out from nerves) tomorrow, and then Wednesday will consist of shopping with his parents and then meeting him at the airport. I’ve just got to convince myself that my body is fine and mighty and so much better than when he left 3 months ago, even though Ana has been screaming at me for eating this last week. Holy Xylophones. 

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